Consequence of Habit

Without Compromise Podcast ft. JT Frank

November 15, 2022 JT Season 2 Episode 11
Consequence of Habit
Without Compromise Podcast ft. JT Frank
Show Notes

This week on Consequence of Habit, we are rebroadcasting an episode of the Without Compromise Podcast that JT was recently a guest on.

We are thankful to Athletic Brewing for their support of Consequence of Habit over the years. Be sure to subscribe to the Without Compromise Podcast and to check out some Athletic Brewing!

"JT is an Athletic Brewing Ambassador, a dad to 3, a proud veteran, and host of the Consequence of Habit Podcast. He started his career in the United States Air Force and has spent the last 23 years protecting and serving his country as a civilian federal employee. 

 After a major crossroad in his life, he began to learn the power of habits, both good and bad. After making the change, he decided to start a podcast to discuss with others how habits can make or break you. Through his podcast, he brings awareness to the impact habits have on our mental health, success and the environment.

 After interviewing so many inspiring guests, he also decided to start a nonprofit, also called Consequence of Habit, to help expand this vision of building a life on good habits in a bigger way. 

 We are celebrating our veterans once again with Ready Front IPA. This brew for the brave was formulated in collaboration with a team of veterans with 100% of profits going to veteran-focused organizations like Catch A Lift and Team RWB. We are also offering 15% off all products to customers with a military status verified through, including active duty service members, reserves, veterans, spouses, and families.

 You can buy Ready Front, and any Athletic Brewing non-alcoholic craft beer at

 Learn more about JT and Consequence of Habit here. "