Consequence of Habit

Go Aro with Heath Wilson

October 25, 2022 JT Season 2 Episode 8
Consequence of Habit
Go Aro with Heath Wilson
Show Notes

Heath Wilson, Co-Founder of Aro, joins JT this week on the Consequence of Habit Podcast.

Heath is a dad, husband, entrepreneur, and guy who is focused on helping us have a better relationship with our phones.

In this episode, JT and
Heath discuss: 

-why it seems like habits are more important now than ever before
-Heath's background and how it lead him to create Aro
-what Aro hopes to provide its users 
-why our phones are such a big source of distraction 
-some of Heath's habits that he is working on
-why habits are easier when more people are participating with you 
-building connection through a shared purpose and challenge 
-what heath is doing differently this time around with his business 
-and much more!

In This Episode:

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Heath on

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