Consequence of Habit

The Practice of Situational Awareness

September 20, 2022 JT Season 2 Episode 3
Consequence of Habit
The Practice of Situational Awareness
Show Notes

The practice of situational awareness. That is the message on this week's episode of Consequence of Habit featuring Gary Quesenberry. 

Gary is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm,  has had a career in law enforcement, is a father, and is a man on a mission to educate about the importance of eliminating distractions and increasing situational awareness.

In this episode,
JT and Gary discuss:

-the 3 (soon to be 4) books Gary has published 
-the practice of "situational awareness" and eliminating distractions 
-Gary's mentality on how to prepare for danger or violence 
-his thoughts on getting our kids to start to develop positive habits
-how the information we sometimes share with others can be potentially harmful
-why do we as humans try to "justify" danger 
-how these habits of situational awareness can help to make a significant impact in your life 
-practicing leadership by example with our kids 
-the two types of predators 
-and more!

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In This Episode:
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