Consequence of Habit

Scratching the Surface of Trauma with Erin Trieb

September 13, 2022 JT Season 2 Episode 2
Consequence of Habit
Scratching the Surface of Trauma with Erin Trieb
Show Notes

This week on the pod, JT is joined by Erin Trieb.

"Since 2007, Erin has worked professionally as a freelance photojournalist, editorial and documentary photographer.  In her work
Erin focuses on social issue-driven topics like cultural identity, trauma from war, and feminism - her photography spans a diversity of subject matter from international conflict to feature stories.

The conversation that JT and Erin had on this episode is next level. It is a conversation full of honesty, recovery, hope, compassion, and story telling.

In this episode,
JT and Erin discuss:

-her experiences as a photojournalist and filmmaker 
-Erin's own dealing with stress and trauma and the habits she uses to handle them 
-the changes she made to “cultivate more daily joy”
-the delay that often happens in experiencing trauma 
-connecting our actions with the emotions we are experiencing 
-some of the soldiers Erin has covered and their struggles with mental  health
-how her time covering such "darkness" has affected her mental health - and how it took years to realize it
-her experiences with panic attacks 
-the troubles with sleeping pills  

A big thanks to Erin for joining the podcast this week and being so honest and open.  
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In This Episode:
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