Consequence of Habit

"We All Have Dents" with Denis Faye

September 06, 2022 JT Season 2 Episode 1
Consequence of Habit
"We All Have Dents" with Denis Faye
Show Notes

This week on the pod, JT is joined by Denis Faye!

Denis is a nutritionist, journalist, leader, and athlete committed to changing people's lives for the better. Through his time at The Beachbody Company, guiding the creation of nutrition programs and content, writing about nutrition for countless well-known publications, and working through his own fitness and health transformation, Denis has helped to educate countless people on their health journeys.   

In this episode, JT and
Denis discuss:
-the different effects sugar can have on the body
-whether or not sugar can be addictive
-intuitive eating and its pitfalls
-Denis substack -
New Personal Best Nutrition
-doing a sugar fast
-advice on finding healthy supplements
-cutting yourself slack when you aren't perfect
-and tons more!

A big thanks to Denis for joining Consequence of Habit!

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In This Episode:

Denis Faye
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